The Educational Foundation of Birchwood,Inc. was established to strengthen community participation in our school and provide financial support for innovative educational programs or creative projects that inspire both teachers and students to achieve educational excellence.The foundation proposes to identify and award the truly meritorious;it aims to inspire students and teachers a all levels to diligently strive to attain their very best.

Your support provides students and educators with tools and encouragement to enrich their lives through educational opportunities made available by the school district of Birchwood.Financial contributions may be deductible for income tax purposes. The foundation has applied for 501(c) (3) non-profit status.

Mission: The Educational Foundation seeks to promote excellence in education through the use of private revenues, focusing support on the following objectives by encouraging:Outstanding academic achievement and providing enhanced learning opportunities to students.

  • active involvement of local business, civic, and private sector within the school.
  • recognition of outstanding achievement by teachers and support staff.
  • new, creative and innovative educational programs.
  • opportunities to use the most recent technologies in teaching and learning.

The Educational Foundation only supports areas of education that are not typically funded by a school's operating budget.

Program Innovation: Promote, encourage and support creative and innovative educational programs.

Program Recognition: Recognize and reward outstanding achievements by teachers and support staff.

Technology and Learning: Encourage projects and programs designed to promote and maintain use of the most recent technologies in teaching and learning.

Corporate/Civic/Community Involvement: Promote and encourage interaction of business, civic and community representatives with teachers and students for educational improvements.

Contributions may be sent to;
Educational Foundation of Birchwood
PO Box 388
Birchwood, WI 54817

For additional information please contact the superintendent of schools. 715-354-3471


















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