School Security

School Security
Posted on 03/26/2018

March 26, 2018

Dear Birchwood Families,

School safety has been the focal point of recent local, state, and national news.  At Birchwood, we are concerned about school safety and student wellness. The School Board and personnel have been brainstorming improvements to our physical school environment as well as our safety policies and procedures.  One identified measure to be installed in the next two-three weeks is a front entrance door buzzer system. Once the system is installed, all doors will be locked between the hours of 8:20am-3:30pm. Should your child arrive late or have to leave early, you will need to come to the front entrance, ring the buzzer, and office staff will buzz you into the building.  Please understand, the person buzzing you in may not recognize you on the camera system and may ask who you are and your reason for being at school. You will still need to check into the office.

We are fortunate to have generous local businesses donating to make the security upgrades possible.  Those businesses will be recognized in our next Birchwood Newsletter as we continue to receive gifts.  

We do understand that the buzzer system and locking the doors is just one way to help protect children.  We will continue practicing drills, talking to our students about safety, and exploring potential safety upgrades.  During the next school year, our district may receive financial support targeting school safety issues through state and federal grants.  Regardless of this outcome, the School Board and personnel will continue to take the prudent steps necessary to provide your children a safe school environment.


Diane Johnson, Superintendent